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        Maintenance of mirror roller

        Release time:2019-12-31 Acompletemirrorrollerismainlycomposedoffourparts:inkgroove,rubberroller,scrapingknifeandmirrorroller.Thestructureisrelativelysimple.Accordingtothesurfacecoatingorsprayingmaterialclassification,canbedi...

          A complete mirror roller is mainly composed of four parts: ink groove, rubber roller, scraping knife and mirror roller. The structure is relatively simple. According to the surface coating or spraying material classification, can be divided into chromium plating mirror roller and ceramic mirror roller.

          Mirror roller used for a period of time, it needs regular maintenance. Special cleaning fluid is recommended. There are many kinds of special cleaning liquid on the market, they can make dry in the bottom of the net hole ink re-wet, and deep cleaning, cleaning effect is better. This can be done by low-pressure jet cleaning. Use soda powder or plastic beads as cleaning powder, under low pressure spray mirror roller, can thoroughly clean dry in the net hole ink, but should pay attention to the injection pressure should not be too high, otherwise may make the ceramic mirror roller ceramic layer from the mirror roller body fall off. Or ultrasonic cleaning. The mirror roller is immersed in a tank filled with an ultrasonic cleaning system of chemical cleaning solution. The frequency conversion device in the tank sends high-frequency sound waves, crushing the dried ink in the net hole and flowing away with the cleaning fluid. The use of ultrasonic cleaning must pay attention to: too long cleaning time will lead to the net hole damage. The higher the number of lines, the shorter the cleaning time.