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        Maanshan Dongxing Casting Co.,Ltd

        1.png Add: National High-tech Zone Chihu Yang Pa, Maanshan City, Anhui Province



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        Our company was awarded the title of "enterprise with outstanding contribution to economic development"

        Release time:2011-02-15 In2010,ourcompanymadesignificantachievementsineconomicdevelopmentandachievedanumberofbreakthroughs.Underthestrongleadershipofthemunicipalpartycommittee,themunicipalgovernmentandhuashandistrictcommitte...

          In 2010, our company made significant achievements in economic development and achieved a number of breakthroughs. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and huashan district committee, we take the scientific development concept as the leadership, to carry out pioneering activities as the driving force, to economic development as the main line, to innovate a number of work, to achieve a number of leap-forward, the company has achieved a good and fast development of the good situation. Huashan district committee, district government decided to study, maanshan city dongxing casting co., ltd. and other outstanding contributions to the economic development of enterprises to commend.

          In the New Year, I wish my company to make persistent efforts to achieve greater results. All departments of our company should thoroughly implement scientific development, enhance the consciousness of creating excellence, speed up the development of the company, better serve the workers, serve the society, and make greater contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.