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        Our company straightening roller products obtained the invention patent certificate

        Release time:2009-09-30 OurcompanyobtainedthepatentofstraighteningrollerproductonSeptember2,2009.Thebackgroundtechnologyis:straighteningrolleristhewear-resistanttechnologysparepartthatislackinginsectionsteelproductiondepartm...

          Our company obtained the patent of straightening roller product on September 2, 2009. The background technology is: straightening roller is the wear-resistant technology spare part that is lacking in section steel production department. Its surface processing into a certain hole, when straightening steel, the hole surface and steel directly contact, under the temperature and pressure, under the rolling and sliding friction, wear serious. At present, the straightening roller of section steel in China is mostly made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum infinite chilled cast iron. Due to the shortage of nickel resources and high price in China, the manufacturing cost of straightening roller is high, which restricts the reduction of production cost of section steel. There are two ways to reduce the production cost of section steel: first, significantly increase the content of Ni, Cr and Mo, reduce the manufacturing cost of straightening roller, and keep its wear resistance within the appropriate range required by "economic production batch". The purpose of the invention is to provide a low ni-cr-mo alloy cast iron wear resistant material for straightening roller of section steel, which can effectively reduce the cost of producing section steel.