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        Maanshan Dongxing Casting Co.,Ltd

        1.png Add: National High-tech Zone Chihu Yang Pa, Maanshan City, Anhui Province



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          Our factory mainly produces Φ 350 - Φ 900 mm steel straightening roller series, 250-600 mmnicrmo Φ Φ infinite series alloy chilled cast iron roll, 300-700 Φ Φ coupling box, sheet straightening roll Φ 850 - Φ 1200 mm, 600-4170 - mm Φ sintering tooth roll and other products, and large, medium and small industrial and mining spare parts, its products are sold in masteel, (us) steel, shougang, guangzhou, Shanghai, jiangsu, tongling, henan, shandong and other cities, including steel straightening roll exports to Amman, Africa, Middle East, etc. Maanshan iron and steel co., LTD. Steel company for many years of product suppliers.