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        Maanshan Dongxing Casting Co.,Ltd

        1.png Add: National High-tech Zone Chihu Yang Pa, Maanshan City, Anhui Province



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          Maanshan Dongxing Casting Co.,Ltd is located National High-tech Zone Chihu Yang Pa, Maanshan City, Anhui Province. It enjoys excellent geographical environment, convenient transportation, and is only about 25km far away from LuKou International Airport.

          The company covers an area of about 30000㎡. The annual output is about 10000t. Depending on excellent employee team, excellent equipment, advanced technology, first-class standard, rigid management and perfect service, the company mostly produces series fittings for factories and mines, includingΦ600×4170 large-sized cast steel tooth roller, Φ250-Φ600mm Ni Cr Mo series alloy infinite cold/hard cast iron roller, Φ350-900mm steel straightening roller, Φ300-Φ700 coupling box andΦ850-Φ1200㎜ H-shaped steel sheet straightening roller and so on. These products are well appraised by customers.

          The casting product passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Authentication in 2004; and the cast iron roller obtained production licence in 2004. Dongxing has persisted in the policy of “human first, keeping improvement, customer uppermost, deploitation and development, getting survival with quality and developing with good faith”. Presently, the company has performed ISO9001﹕2000 International Quality System completely in order to be adapted for the development of the casting and metal machining industry. The company will make more great efforts to provide more quality products and good service for customers.

          The company owns many advanced equipments including 1 set of 5t furnace cupola, 1 set of 5t electric furnace, 1 set of 10t double-girder crane, 1 set of 5t double-girder crane, 1 set 25M10t of gantry crane, 6 sets ofΦC650 lengthened lathes, 1 set of B1010A single-arm planer, 1 set of B5050A slotting machine, 1 set of Z3050 beam drill, 1 set of C5112A vertical lathe, 1 set of C6140 lathe, CW6163B lathe, BC6063B planer and X63W milling machine, 2 sets of NC vertical lathe, 1 set of G25 saw bow, 1 set of DK7725 ED wire cutting machine and several set of “Feihong” ED wire cutting machines, as well as physical, chemical labs and 1 80m3 drying rooms. Besides, the company also owns lots of engineering technical persons and managers of innovative spirit.

          The company is mostly engaged in casting and metal machining according to customer’s sample. Having got strong comprehensive strength for various moulds’ design, casting and processing, the company has formed series production line from melting, casting, mechanical processing, repairing, spraying, packing to transportation. Besides, it also runs the wholesale of metal material, building material, steel and supporting service, etc..

          The company has produced various fittings for Maanshan Steel Plant for more than 20 years, including Φ350-Φ900mm steel straightening roller, Φ250-Φ600mm Ni Cr Mo alloy infinite cold/hard cast iron roller, Φ300-Φ700 coupling box and other large, middle or small parts, which has made great contribution for the production and development of Maanshan Steel Plant. Therefore, the company is one of the primary suppliers of Maanshan Steel Plant.

          Our product is mostly sold far to Maanshan Steel Plant, Hefei Steel Plant, Capital Steel Plant, as well as sold to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tongling, Henan, Shandong and other cities, in which shaped steel strengthening roller are sold to Africa, Amman and other Middle East areas. Depending on advanced management mode and operation strategy, strong sales system and market network, years’ casting technology and service strength, as well as persisting in the service concept of “customer’s satisfaction first”, we are willing to provide all-directional, high-quality service for distribution and processing. Warmly welcome every friend of insight to our company for visit and cooperation!